About Me


Ayana SpivakLSG_002

MA Psychology, OEATA, DMTAC

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy,

Expressive Arts Therapy

Hello, welcome to my page.  A few words about my background that may help you to know me better.

  • I graduated from Moscow State University of Psychology & Education with a Masters degree in  Psychology and continued my education as a Dance Movement Therapist at Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis (Moscow, Russia).
  •  I upgraded my professional skills studying Expressive Arts Psychotherapy at The CREATE Institute (Creative Integrative Arts Therapies Training Program ) in Toronto, Canada.
  • In my work, I focus on both long-supporting and short-term result-oriented therapy for individuals and groups. Based on humanistic and client-oriented approach I implement the methods of Dance/Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy.
  • Working with individuals, I concentrate on providing therapy for adults, parents and children, with a particular focus on kids with special needs.  Also, I collaborate with various social agencies providing Dance Movement Psychotherapy for groups of seniors, individuals with ambulatory disabilities and developmentally challenged population.
  • I am a member of OEATA (Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association), DMTAC (Dance/Movement Therapy Association of Canada)  and  DMTA (Russia).  Currently, I am meeting requirements of College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I  work under professional supervision and also have personal therapy as an essential part of professional, safe and responsible practice.  I have been working with groups and individuals in various contests (psychotherapy, business consulting and dance-teaching) since 1994. I speak both English and Russian.
  • My office is located in Richmond Hill (GTA, Ontario). You can contact me by email: ayanadmt@gmail.com  or phone: +1 416 939 5001

You are welcome to contact me to arrange an Introduction session.

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