Individual Psychotherapy

Dance /Movement Psychotherapy based on a natural human’s capability to express them throw movement. DMP helps to reconstruct the unity of body, soul and heart, consolidates the wholeness, opens a new view to self and relationship.

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy is not a Dance teaching, but the way of psychological work through movement and dance. The focus of attention is a body-language as a principal form of nonverbal expression and communication.

DMP deals effectively with issues such as:

  • Difficulties or concerns with emotional problems, conflict or distress
  • Lack of vitality
  • Depression
  • Concerns with relationships
  • Parenting
  • Trauma that may hinder the capacity to acknowledge and understand personal areas of strength and weakness
  • Particular periods of distress such as those associated with loss, transition or change

The Dance, Movement and Arts based psychotherapy provides unique opportunities for individuals  with special needs as Autism Spectrum Disorders and complex developmental disabilities):

  • to get more comfortable in your body, expand your range of movement and increase body awareness
  • to reveal inner potential and express yourself  profoundly and artistically,
  • to bring more joy and enrich the quality  of life.

You can contact me to book your introduction session: or 416 939 5001


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